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Armed & Unarmed Security

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Our armed officers possess all of the same abilities as our unarmed officers, plus advanced training in different defensive, lethal, and less-lethal weapons systems. Our armed officers are always trained and appropriately certified in an item before they are authorized to carry it. This includes pepper spray/OC, Handgun, baton, handcuffs, and Taser. These officers have advanced knowledge, skills, and experience allowing them to be the best crime deterrent available for your property. Please see the resources tab for more information regarding state laws regulating security officers.

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Our unarmed officers are the perfect solution when you are looking to deter crime at your business or home with a softer approach. In an environment where customer service is key, our unarmed officers portrays an approachable, non-threatening demeanor towards your customers or clients, while presenting a strong stance against any potential intruders or unruly person(s).  These officers possess intricate skills in verbal de-escalation, hand-to-hand combat and observing and reporting, ensuring that anything that happens is documented in such a way that the perpetrator will not get away with it. We can outfit these officers however fits your needs best, from jeans and a polo, to suit and tie. For your protection, and the protection of your site and our officers, there are a few areas high in violent crime which we will not place an unarmed officer.  Being in one of these areas, however, does not exclude you from receiving protective services from us. Please see the armed security section for more details.