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All Inclusive Camera Box lease system – (Short or Long term)

This box comes standard with a powered weather-proof and tamper-proof enclosure, HDDVR, a cellular chip for remote access, and a battery back up to maintain the cameras in the event of a power failure. Options available include camera type, quality and functionality, 24/7 off site remote monitoring, or on/off site monitoring from your assigned dedicated vehicle patrol officer.  This offers a budget friendly approach to full site video surveillance whether short or long term application is needed.

Network Camera Systems

The new age of cameras is upon us. With the incredible detail behind the most basic cameras to the software that allows employee and asset tracking through a facility, zoning, remote access, complete customization and more, it is easy to ensure complete coverage of your facility/property(s). Once coverage is put in place the proper selection of a server allows days-years of recordings to be stored in a single location or on a cloud server. Allowing for better security and dependability of your recorded events.

Access Control

Unrestricted access to a building, suite or office is one of the main reasons these violent attacks in our society go unchallenged. With proper badging and locking systems unauthorized people will not be able to gain access to your facility/property(s). We are an authorized dealer of high quality Honeywell access control products and will use them to ensure your security from outside threats.

Intrusion and Alarm Systems

With today’s technology you can go so far as to track people within your facility via their badge or facial recognition. If a badge enters a restricted area or an animal happens to get loose in a lab, motion detectors, alarm sensors, and ID tags on your cameras can notify the appropriate people immediately. Getting the situation taken care of before it ever has to escalate to anything serious. Simple intrusion alarms allow you to feel comfortable when you lock up your office at night, knowing that if anyone were to try anything, the 110db alarm siren and instant police/security presence on your property will keep your equipment and overnight employees safe and out of harms way.