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Genesis Images Dec 2015 (68 of 118)Genesis Security has been in existence since 1995, Providing our clients with professional Traffic, Commercial / Industrial, Residential / Community, Special Event and Personal Security Services. Larry Poston Jr – Owner & President, has over 24 years of Personal and Special Event Security experience, found that there was a need for professional security service in the Indianapolis Area, starting small with just a few clients providing nightclub security Genesis has expanded and is now servicing a variety of clients. Working in conjunction with his late father Lawrence Poston Sr. – who was Co Owner & Vice President, having 7 years of experience, Genesis Security flourished and earned an exceptional reputation as a dependable Security Company.  Take a moment to visit our Testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about Genesis Security, we are sure you will be impressed.

Our Mission

We at Genesis Security strive to provide our clients with the peace of mind that the highest quality professional security can provide.

Our Industry Associations

MBE Certified with the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis

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Genesis Security’s Training Division puts each and every one of our officers through a vigorous initial training system upon hire. Once completed and given an assignment, they are continuously given optional and mandatory courses several learn more

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Our armed officers possess all of the same abilities as our unarmed officers, plus advanced training in different defensive, lethal, and less-lethal weapons systems. Our armed officers are always trained and appropriately certified in an item before learn more

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Our PPA team consists of our elite officers. Officers who receive specialized training in close personal protection and transportation security. Our Personal Protection Agents are trained at some of the most prestigious training facilities in the U.S.  Learn More

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This patrol is ideal for anyone who owns a very large or multiple properties. We place a marked or unmarked patrol vehicle on your property(s) who is dedicated to ensuring the protection of only your property. This patrol officer will conduct  Learn more

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We all want our planned events to go as planned, but so many things tend to impede that process. Most of these intrusions are avoidable with the proper safety and security measures put into place during the initial planning phase. As stated in Learn more

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A security and risk audit is a full assessment of your property(s)/facility, conducted by a group of experts in the fields of Physical and Personal Security, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, and Systems Integration. You will receive a formal  Learn more

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All Inclusive Camera Box lease system – (Short or Long term) This box comes standard with a powered weather-proof and tamper-proof enclosure, HDDVR, a cellular chip for remote access, and a battery back up to maintain the Learn more

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Our loss prevention officers ensure that your products and equipment stay on property and not walk away. They are thoroughly trained to identify, inspect, search and clear an individual who may be suspect of theft or policy violation, i.e. product Learn more