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Personal Protection Agents (PPA)


Genesis Personal SecurityOur PPA team consists of our elite officers. Officers who receive specialized training in close personal protection and transportation security. Our Personal Protection Agents are trained at some of the most prestigious training facilities in the U.S. focusing on conflict resolution, close quarter combat, tactical and defensive driving, and emergency medicine. Due to their extensive training and professional status they are known as Agents. These agents can be in any uniform high profile to low profile. They can blend in anywhere or standout in any crowd. This service is available to any business or individual needing coverage for:

  • Employee Termination | Downsizing
  • Executive Protection | Personal Protection
  • Business Travel Protection – Domestic and International
  • Death Threat Protection
  • Civil Case | Civil Standby Protection
  • Concerts | Performers | Event Security
  • Professional Athlete | Celebrities | Actors | VIP Protections
  • Work Place Violence (Civil) Standbys
  • Domestic Violence (Civil) Standbys
  • Child Custody Issues | Family Issues Protection
  • Divorce | Separation | Protective Order | Stalking Protection
  • Armed Driver Transportation for Key Clients | VIPs