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Commercial / Industrial Security Services

Key-Holding and Alarm Response:

Every minute of every day, Genesis Security  provides a key holding alarm response service. Our patrol security officers are ready around the clock. So, if your alarm goes off at 3 a.m. we respond, allowing you the peace of mind to continue with your day or night without concern.

We’ll check the property from top to bottom, wait for emergency response personnel if they are necessary, notify you in an emergency situation and ensure that your business is safe and secure before we leave. Don’t assume the enormous liability of having an untrained or unqualified person respond to your alarm situations.  Call Genesis Security to handle it for you.

Security Checks and Patrols:

Genesis Security provides a proactive approach to building and plant security. Periodic security checks (interior) and on-premises patrols (exterior) can prevent problems before they happen.  Add to this, Key-Holding and alarm response, allowing you will have a comprehensive approach to keeping your business secure around the clock.

Building Closings:

Securing a large commercial building at the end of each work day can present a significant problem to plant and/or office managers.  Genesis Security, however, represents the ideal solution to the problem.  Our security officers have years of experience at closing all types of buildings. All doors, windows or other openings in the building perimeter are verified secure, equipment operation or non-operation is verified, special closing requirements are attended to and alarm systems are activated prior to the security officer leaving the site.

Types of Services to be offered:

  1. Alarm Response
  2. Constant Vehicle and Foot Patrol
  3. Employee Theft Prevention
  4. Shipping/Receiving Logs
  5. Building Lockdown
  6. Security Audits
  7. Random Vehicle Patrol

We offer a Guard Scan System with every contract for patrols. This enables 100% accountability of the officer’s movements to ensure that you are receiving the proper coverage per your contact.

We can custom fit our duties to match your business and property.

Give Genesis Security a call with your questions, or to schedule an appointment.

There’s no obligation and the consultation is free. Ask about our other services as well.