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Loss Prevention

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Genesis Security Loss Prevention officers offer asset protection to retail, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. Our Loss Prevention officers work undercover in your locations to identify any suspicious behavior and to apprehend those attempting to shoplift merchandise from your business.  Our officers specialize in blending in with those around them to avoid detection from your customers and employees.  We will also work with insurance companies on your  behalf to ensure all safety concerns are addressed to reduce your company’s loss.

  • We constantly monitor customers and employees entering your establishment paying close attention to items in their possession upon entering
    1. We monitor the shopping process / work process of suspected shoplifters to ensure we can witness shoplifting while it is in progress
    2. We watch for concealment of unpaid items, again ensuring that we witness the concealment while it is in progress
    3. We maintain security surveillance to ensure items were actually stolen and not ditched on the way out to protect your company from any legal implications of false claims
    4. We also provide your company with uniformed officers.  The presence of a uniformed officer at the entrance / exit of your  establishment is a highly effective way to reduce your company’s risk of retail loss

Loss Prevention Includes:

  1. Undercover Officers
  2. Investigative Services
  3. Uniformed Officers
  4. Armed Officers
  5. Store Detectives

If you are interested in hiring our trained, professional, courteous Loss Prevention Officers or if you would like a consultation to design your own cost effective loss prevention solution please contact us at 317.620.1489 or request a quote by completing the form to the right.

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