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School Safety & Security Services

school safety & securityIn recent years violence in schools has become something commonly found in the news.  From gun violence to bullying, our schools are turning into battlegrounds and our children are becoming the innocent victims.  It is imperative that we do everything possible to protect our children; therefore, Genesis Security is committed to creating a safe environment where children can feel comfortable to learn, teachers can focus on teaching and parents can go about their day with the peace of mind of knowing their children are being protected.  Many students are dealing with depression; bad home environments, social issues and often schools become the dumping ground for our youth’s behavioral issues.  Genesis Security wants to help prevent this kind of behavior from turning into unnecessary violence.

Genesis Security has a reputation for excellence; our staff is extensively trained to deal with the many complications of protecting young children and teens in a school environment.  We work closely with the school board, administrators, superintendents and local police to ensure we are preventing school violence, protecting students, staff, safeguarding school property, as well as reducing safety and liability risks.

Our services include:

  1. Armed/Unarmed Guard Patrol
  2. Undercover/Plain clothes guards
  3. Mobile Patrol
  4. Gate Access Control
  5. Building Assessment for Security Risks & Unauthorized Access
  6. Surveillance/Video Security
  7. Security Transport
  8. Crisis Training for staff
  9. School Emergency Preparedness Planning
  10. Providing & Evaluating School Safety Policies
  11. Routine Security Audits to address new concerns


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