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Vehicle Patrol

Dedicated Vehicle Patrol

mobile-security-patrol-513x343This patrol is ideal for anyone who owns a very large or multiple properties. We place a marked or unmarked patrol vehicle on your property(s) who is dedicated to ensuring the protection of only your property. This patrol officer will conduct driving and walking patrols of your site(s), ensuring proper lock-up of pools, buildings, gates, etc. The constant visual presence deters most potential crime and mischief while ensuring your employees, clients, and residents can feel safe on your property. This patrol officer can also be connected to our camera systems that we can place throughout your property(s) ensuring prompt response to any covered area in the event of an incident. See Intrusion and camera systems for more information on these products.

Random Vehicle Patrol

This is a non-dedicated patrol vehicle and officer who will visit your site multiple times a night to check on your property(s) and ensure all is well. The officer will check all doors for unsecured points of access, vandalism, signs of forced entry, broken glass, etc. The officer will also drive around your property looking for anything out of the ordinary, trespass anyone who does not belong and escort them off the property, and conduct a general wellness check of the entire premises.