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Traffic Control

Genesis Security Traffic Control officers are some of the most highly trained in the industry. We specialize in providing your workers and the public in general a safe work zone ensuring the flow of traffic is as steady as possible.  We use a combination of years of experience along with technology for direction/traffic control.  Our officers use a variety of tools to insure the safety of your workers. These tools include reflective vest for visibility, hard hats, marked vehicles with emergency lighting, stop/slow signs, lighted traffic control signs, barricades and traffic cones.  We take care of everything for you so there is no need to worry about equipment, setup or tear down.  Our trained, professional, courteous, and safety driven traffic control officers are ready to handle your traffic management detail so you can stay focused on your project.

We have a variety of Manned Traffic Control Packages:

Single Lane Traffic System     Two Way Flagging System
Closing a Single lane of travel     Multi direction Traffic Flow
• 1 Flagger • 2 Flaggers
• 1 Traffic Control Vehicle • 1 Traffic control vehicle
• Cones • Cones
• Signs • Signs
• Barricades • Barricades
Multi Lane System     Minimal Lane Closure System
Intersection Control for 4-way traffic to insure smooth traffic flow     Turn pocket, two way left turn, bike lane, parking lane, shoulder and other minimal lane closures 
• 2 Flaggers • 1 Flagger
• 2 Traffic control vehicles • Traffic control vehicle
• Flashing Arrow Sign • Cones
• Cones • Signs
• Signs • Barricades
• Barricades
Traffic Outlet System
Designed to control traffic for school, church or corporate end of day
• 1 Flagger
• 1 Traffic control vehicle
• Cones
• Signs

**Custom packages are available

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